I believe we’re here to learn through service, to contribute our gifts, to love, and evolve.

 Our life is our legacy.

Lets create something amazing together.

Wellbeing Leadership Group LLC

Employee Engagement | Leadership Development

Working with organizations and individuals, facilitating trainings founded in neuroscience and cognitive behavioral change. Making it fun and interactive keeps folks awake, learning and engaged.

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Giving Back

Parkinson Disease

Parkinson Disease affects four of the six of us in my immediate family. Subsequently, we come together with the local community to raise funds and awareness with a focus on improving quality of life for individuals and families affected.

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Wellbeing in Water

Watsu | Integrative WaterPlay | Water Yoga

Warm water provides an ideal environment to elicit positive physiological responses that elevate feelings of peace, calm and connection. This is where the still quiet voice of wisdom has an arena to be heard and explored.

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