An ENFP on the Myers Briggs scale, the threads that weave my work together over the past twenty-five years has been a dedication to developing and promoting people, projects and ideas.

In my early twenties I traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe, working in fashion and advertising, and learning on the fly what it meant to be a “gig based” project manager living off of beans, baguettes, love and coffee. This was a time of adventure, developing grit and opening my eyes to diverse cultures and people.

When the time for change arrived, I returned to Minneapolis, graduated with a B.A. in communications, and began producing corporate videos.

At 30 I co-founded an IT startup company in Australia and was asked to be President of e-Women, a national networking organization for women in technology.

In 2004 I shifted gears, replacing late night tech calls for training in integrative therapies, yoga, and Watsu aquatic bodywork.   Upon returning to Australia I build an aquatic facility and hosted teachers and students from around the world.

Blending my knowledge of business and human development  I expanded upon what I had learned and developed leadership training programs for my existing clients and grew from there.

In recent years my passion for helping to develop our next generation of leaders has grown. We as a country have an opportunity right now to shift the way we work and live so that we are more sustainable and supportive of the practices and mindsets that help us to thrive. I like contributing to a vision based on inclusive values, innovation and building bridges.

When I’m not training I like to explore communities, nature, and dance.

View my Video Portrait (created by Eaton Intermedia) to learn more about me: